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Since 1993, Tucker Consulting has provided independent crop consulting, soil testing, nutrient and manure management services to the agricultural community in northwest Iowa.

Tucker Consulting, Inc. can help with your farming operation.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality agricultural services centered on integrated crop management. This includes nutrient, pest, and crop management. We will maintain independence to all product sales while building a broad technical expertise in production agriculture.

Understanding Independent Crop Consulting.

Independent of what?

  • We are independent of Product Sales--
  • We do not sell pesticides, seed , fertilizer, or equipment
  • Our advice is free of product sales incentives and commissions from fertilizer, seed & chemical companies
  • Our recommendations will be for your best interest
  • You can buy your crop inputs anywhere you want

Crop Consulting -  What's that?

  • In season field scouting of the major crops in Iowa
  • Planned field visits through the cropping season
  • Firsthand knowledge of your cropping practices
  • Timely recommendations for pest & crop management
  • Experienced professional agronomic recommendations